Support Postal Strikes

Submitted by Janine on Mon, 09/07/2007 - 13:16.

Communcation Workers' Union (CWU) statement:

The Communication Workers Union today announced a further day of strike action commencing the evening of Thursday 12th July and continuing through Friday 13th July.

Royal Mail group workers will begin 24 hours of strike action with shifts commencing after 1900 hours.

In announcing the strike, the union is again providing a further opportunity for Royal Mail to return to negotiations or face more strikes. The Union has written to Allan Leighton, Royal Mail chair, to personally take part in fresh negotiations.

Deputy General Secretary, Dave Ward said “Allan Leighton has the personal opportunity to avoid more strikes, simply by returning to meaningful negotiations. If he again is dismissive of his employees then there will be further strike action.

Over 95% of the workforce took part in the strike action last Friday; it shows the extent of the overwhelming support of the workforce to achieve both a decent pay rise and an agreed approach to automation and major change.”

“This problem will not go away - Royal Mail are in denial if they think otherwise and it is in Allan Leighton’s hands to take the workforce forward with him.” adds Dave Ward.