Mobilising Against the BNP, 15 March

Submitted by Janine on Mon, 04/02/2008 - 10:29.

In advance of the GLA elections, the South East Region TUC are organising a London-wide action on 15 March 2008 designed to encourage voter registration and voter participation.

The event intends to highlight the increased risk of a BNP breakthrough if there is a low turnout in the forthcoming election (a mere 5% of the total vote will give them a seat).

Plans are currently tentative, but we hope to have teams of leafletters to canvass door-to-door throughout the borough as well as a 'photo-opportunity' for the local press.

We are keen to ensure that the event is visibly supported by Hackney's diverse, ethnic, political and faith communities (so please cascade this email on and use all your contacts to speak to as many people as possible to make this day a success).

If you can volunteer to distribute leaflets door-to-door in a number of Hackney streets then please e-mail John Page and let hime know the streets, and the number of leaflets you will require.

If you wish to help in any further way (including joining a 'steering committee') then please let John know.

SERTUC have also produced a 'pledge card' which can be downloaded from here. I would be grateful if you could download and return it to the South East Region TUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS or via email.

Finally, please ensure that this event is publicised in your local union/community/faith or political newsletter.

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