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URGENT: Community Action Needed To Stop The BNP

By Janine
Created 12/04/2008 - 14:58

You may have heard the outrage caused by a number of London local papers (including the prestigious Ham & High) carrying election adverts from the BNP.

The papers are all owned by the Archant newspaper group, who also own the Hackney Gazette.

According to sources, the editor of the Hackney Gazette (who has previously voiced his contempt for the BNP) refused to run the advert in this week’s paper but has been instructed by the parent group to run the advert this week.

The presence of a BNP advert (which will also be a recruitment tool) in a Hackney paper will be an insult to the people of Hackney who have a strong tradition of resisting the BNP and their ilk. It will be an insult to black people, to Jews, to people with disabilities, to trade unionists, to gays and lesbians, to faith leaders, to women and to anyone who opposes their politics of hatred. In fact, there can be hardly anyone in Hackney who will not be repulsed by the thought of the BNP seeking to establish a visible presence in Hackney.

Hackney already has it’s fair share of problems, we must mobilise now to ensure that the BNP is not able to use the GLA elections to form a cell of racist activists in the borough.

The paper goes to press on Wednesday morning we have less than 100 hours to convince Archant to pull the advert.

We are advocating the following campaign plan

1) We want to approach every newsagent in Hackney and ask them to send a fax to Archant protesting at the plan to give advertising space to the BNP and cancelling their order for this week’s paper unless Archant drops the BNP advert. To do this, we need everyone (and I mean everyone) to get out to dozens of newsagents in their part of the borough and explain our concerns. We will, this afternoon, draft a standard letter for shops, which also explains the campaigns objections.

2) We need to approach the regular advertisers (principally estate agents) and ask them to use their economic influence with the Gazette to pressurise for the adverts to be dropped. We need a volunteer to co-ordinate this, it will involve collating the email addresses from the adverts in this week’s paper and sending an email. It will then need to be followed up with phone calls/personal visits.

3) We need some volunteer ‘community leaders’ to seek to meet with Archant on Monday or Tuesday to put our case. This could include representatives of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities as well as groups representing particular ethnic and other groups.

4) Please send email’s of (polite) protest to Archant’s Chair: richard.jewson@archant.co.uk [1] and Chief Executive: john.fry@archant.co.uk [2], copying in both our campaign co-ordinator, John Page (John.page45@btinternet.com [3]) and the Hackney Gazette editor Mick Ferris (Michael.ferris@archant.co.uk [4])

While this is a threat, it is also a real opportunity to get our main message across that the BNP are a real threat and that the people of Hackney should vote on May 1st so as to lessen the prospect of the BNP gaining assembly seats in the forthcoming election.

Just 5% of the total vote will gain the BNP a vote and a ‘respectable platform’ for their racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, misogynist, politics of hatred.

To prevent the BNP gaining one seat we have to beat them 20–1. It takes a lot of votes to keep the BNP out. Let’s get that message across. We have put out messages to both Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism, seeking to obtain posters and other materials that we can ask newsagents and estate agents to display.

We have the power to keep Hackney BNP free. Let’s not waste the opportunity.

Please reply to this email immediately stating what you can do to help in the next four days.

Please make any other suggestions you believe will help get our message across

Please cascade this information on and ask friends, neighbours and colleagues to get involved.

Many thanks for your support.

John Page
Campaign Co-ordinator

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