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Stop The BNP Advert - Take This To Your Newsagent

By Janine
Created 13/04/2008 - 14:22

Help us step up the pressure on the Hackney Gazette's publisheres not to force our local newspaper to publish an advert from the fascists BNP. Please print off the attached two documents and take them to your local newsagent. One is a letter to the newsagent from Hackney TUC alerting them to the possibility of a BNP advert and asking them to protest to the Gazette. The second is a model memo for them to fax to the Gazette cancelling their order of this week's paper should the BNP ad be included.

Click on the file names below to download and/or print the two documents (Microsoft Word).

Newsagent.doc [1]37.5 KB
Fax memo.doc [2]27 KB

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