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Hackney Gazette Decides Not To Publish BNP Advert

By Janine
Created 15/04/2008 - 19:22

Congratulations to everyone who has spent the last two days seeking to convince Archant publishers not to publish an advert from the racist BNP .

We have just received an official statement from Mike Ferris the editor which includes the following:

'We have concluded that it is not in the best interests of the community to publish the advertisement in the Hackney Gazette. Nor is it right to give the BNP further publicity through a prolonged public debate about the merits of the organisation and its advertising campaign. The balance of arguments in this debate has been extremely difficult but we believe that we have come to the right conclusion.'

While we may disagree as to whether the balance of arguments was fine, we will all agree that they have come to the right decision.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this campaign including: residents, newsagents, trade unionists, Labour and Green party councillors and Hackney North MP Diane Abbot. It shows what we can do by acting together.

However, please do not forget that we must still mobilise voters to participate on 1 May, to prevent the BNP getting an assembly seat we must beat them 20 - 1. Lets finish the job we have started by allerting friends, colleagues and neighbours to the need to participate on 1 May. If the BNP get just 5% of the votes cast they will win an assembly seat.

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