Unite Against Fascism

Submitted by Janine on Sun, 09/05/2004 - 20:04.

Hackney TUC policy passed May 2004

HTUC notes that:

* at our AGM we agreed to prioritise anti racist and anti fascist work for the coming year, welcomed the creation of UAF and agreed to affiliate.

* following the national launch of UAF, HTUC agreed to turn its April monthly meeting into a public meeting to raise awareness of the threat of the BNP in the June 10 elections.

* the meeting was successful in that it drew together a wide cross section of trade union and community activists from which a local steering group operating, under the banner of 'Unite' has begun co-ordinating a campaign of awareness in Hackney, principally by encouraging endorsement and circulation of the UAF founding statement.

* UAF and its founding statement is supported by 23 trade union General Secretaries including the general secretaries of all trade unions currently affiliated to the Hackney TUC.

* locally, over 50 trade union, community, political or faith representatives have signed up to the UAF founding statement and that the Hackney TUC approach is viewed by SERTUC as a model intervention.

HTUC further notes

* That anti-fascist activity cannot be truly effective unless it challenges the isolation, exclusion and lack of political representation that drives desperate people into the arms of the BNP and other racist organisations.

* That specific anti-fascist activity, while essential should not divert our attention from the issues of institutional racism, which our members and our communities face in Hackney.

HTUC therefore resolves

* To formally endorse the UAF founding statement and to continue to participate in the broader community based initiative through the locally constituted Unite steering committee.

* To continue to work with black and minority ethnic community representatives for the re-establishment of an assertive race equality council accountable to the community in Hackney.

* To encourage all affiliates to circulate UAF and/or other anti racist and anti fascist material in advance of June 10 election.

* To encourage and support a broader debate within the community as to how to create community structures capable of challenging the conditions in which racism and fascism are perpetuated.