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Other Local TUCs

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Links to some local borough Trades Union Council website from around London and the UK.

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Keep Hackney NHS Public

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... has its own website.

Click here.

'The union makes us strong': TUC history online

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Matchworkers 1888

The TUC and London Metropolitan University jointly run a website on trade union history. Click on this link for interesting articles and photographs, including significant events from trade union history, such as the Matchworkers' Strike of 1888 (pictured) and the General Strike of 1926.

Useful links

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Commission for Racial Equality

Equal Opportunities Commission

Maternity Alliance


Low Pay Commission

Disability Rights Commission

Black Information Link

Labour Research Department

Operation Black Vote

The East London Citizens Organisation

National Group on Homeworking


DTI employment relations home page

DTI women and equality unit

Lesbian and Gay Coalition against Racism

National Assembly Against Racism

Hackney Credit Union

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